About Krow VFX

Since its inception, KEYFRAME DIGITAL PRODUCTIONS has created award winning work in the fields of both Animation and VFX.

Our crew of animators and artists have worked together seamlessly across the digital spectrum.  But we have grown. We have transformed.  We have launched a new company and have given our ace VFX team its own unique identity.


Keyframe will continue on as the brand for all things Animation.  With three new shows launching this year alone, Keyframe is busier than it has ever been.

Krow VFX is already in full swing with its own slate of high profile titles; like the critically acclaimed SYFY series, THE EXPANSE.

Deciding on the Krow name was no easy task. A name should have meaning.  A name should be something a team can be inspired by and rally behind.  The crow has long been seen as a mystical creature. In Norse myth, the crows would be sent forth to see the future.  In North American folklore, the Crow was thought to have brought the world into being and given us light.

It seemed fitting title for a team of artists who, through their own digital alchemy-  look ahead, then create new realities, new worlds and bring some magic (and a little special effect-mischief) to the screen. We also thought it would look really cool on a t-shirt.

Keyframe and Krow VFX will continue their commitment to mastering the latest cutting edge technologies and remain dedicated to pushing our art.

We are Keyframe.

We are Krow.


Our Reels

Here is a look at KROW VFX in action.


Our VFX Clients

Some of our projects include: 


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Krow VFX is a division of Keyframe Digital Productions Inc.